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We regret that WIKKMO, LLC has been closed.  We will be maintaining the site for our DoD customers to be able to access the Federal Firefighter Pay Scales into the near future.  We will no longer offer any training programs or services due the termination of our company.  To our past customers, we say Thank You and to any that were considering utilizing our services, we are sorry.  
More information concerning the DoD FF Pay Scales will be provided once we finalized our plans.


WIKKMO was born out of an idea.  All of us either currently are or were previously in the fire service in senior management positions.  Between us, we have over 100 years of fire emergency services experience.  Now, we would like to "give back" to our fire service community by providing targeted training and mentoring to the next generation of firefighters.  We also want to help departments that are seeking National Fire Protection Association Codes and Standards certification and/or accreditation.  

We are striving to be the premiere site for all things DoD Fire Protection related.  With pertinent information to help military firefighters wanting to transition from military service to civilian or DoD/contract firefighter positions, help current DoD civilian firefighters with pay scales and offer comprehensive retirement training and planning assistance.  

With the creation of WIKKMO, our goal is to give back to our proud profession by mentoring the next generation of Fire Fighters. We look forward to working with all individuals, organizations and companies to help ensure your people are provided the best mentoring, training and equipment possible.  And, most importantly, kept safe and secure from initial hire to their respective retirements. 

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