One-On-One Sessions

We are pleased to offer federal firefighter (and other special category personnel) retirement planning and assessments.  Mr. Anthony Fanchi (known for his DoD pay calculators) has joined our team to provide this outstanding training program.  These sessions are one-on-one private consultations via Zoom meetings in the comfort and privacy of your home.  They are intended to help you and your spouse learn more about your retirement benefits, understand your Leave and Earnings Statements, ensure you are properly coded as a special category employee and to provide you personalized retirement estimates.  The estimates, depending on how long until you plan to retire, may vary greatly in accuracy.  We also provide you with financial coaching on the best ways to ensure you have an adequate retirement.  We also can recommend a reputable and trustworthy fiduciary money management company for additional help in planning your retirement.  You and your spouse can both participate in the session and ask any retirement related questions you are curious about.  Click below to see pricing and schedule an appointment.

Group Sessions

Our on-site training programs, depending on the size of your organization, normally run 3 to 7-days.  However, additional days of training and assessments can be added to meet your organizations needs.  The training is provided by our expert staff at your location with a schedule that works for your department or organization. The training includes in-house delivered general sessions covering all aspects of FERS, special category retirement benefits and TSP information.  After the general sessions, all included personnel are available to receive one-on-one retirement estimates and coaching to help them maximize their personal retirement portfolios.  The assessments are structured based on the beginning, middle and end-of-career personnel. 


We look forward to serving you!